Meanwhile, This Freebie is for You – Meering, a Company Profile Template


Howdy guys, it’s been a while since our last post and we hadn’t posted more. We are busy to create something (hopefully) useful for you. The thing is almost done, about 88% to launch.

So, meanwhile we are working hard to finish our next product, we’ll give you an HTML/CSS freebie for your company or portfolio site, it’s called Meering. It uses bootstrap grid and contains 4 pages: homepage, about page, portfolio page, and portfolio detail page.

Actually we had a plan to sell this site template on CreativeMarket but we changed our mind to give it for free. If you don’t mind, we just need your little help to share this freebie on your social media or any places on the internet.

Do you want to see the demo of Meering? Here is the link.

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If you find any bugs or have any suggestions to improve this freebie, please let us know by filling the comment form below.

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